K.S. Trading Co. envisioned to bring the rich heritage of natural resources of minerals, chemicals and fertilisers that India is immensely blessed with, to every household, for the betterment in every sphere of life. It was a far-sighted venture conceived by the visionary promoters and perfectly accomplished by an exceptionally skilled think-tank. Today K.S. Trading Co. is a leading giant offering a single window services covering all aspects of integrated logistic import-export minerals and trading. Our services cover:

Mining Minerals and Ores:

We operate mining of wide variety of top quality minerals and ores such as iron ore, manganese, quartz in Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, as the eastern zone of the country offers excellent stock of minerals and chemicals. In adequate packaging, these minerals and ores are also exported to different parts of the world. Besides supplying the products, we also provide proper documentation for import and export trade.

Trading Operations:

As the part of our strategy to reach out to more consumers to simplify life, we offer a wide range of agro products, minerals and metals that is sourced from reliable vendors and farmers across the globe. Superior in quality, these agro products come in fine packaging of different sizes as per the clients' requirements. To ensure speed and safety of transportation and communication, K.S. Trading Co. has a logistics network integrating infrastructure in administration.

International Trade:

We deal in import-export of our agro products, minerals, metals and chemicals to countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and other Asian nations. Moreover, we manage all operations of clients trading in India including preparation of all papers and documentations and handling country-specific issues. This service is also available to foreign consumers who may avail our expertise in trading with their Indian counterparts. For more convenience, we take proper care of Foreign Exchange too.

Real Estate:

At K.S. Trading Co, we strive to build picturesque and sustainable residences, housing properties, commercial hubs so that we help build a better city. The minds at K.S. Trading Co. Group envision impeccable possibilities in conceiving lacklustre lands as a blank canvas, and turning them into vibrant inviting haven. Over the years, fostering strong relationships and understanding the market enable us to establish a firm foothold in real estate. Our core business ethos to fulfil growth-oriented objectives by offering investors the best Return On Investment has paved the way to be one of the leading real estate companies in Eastern India.

Distribution of Consumer Goods and Electronics:

Since its inception, our fast-moving consumer goods and electronics sector has seen a significant expansion and growth. The distribution outlet is more technology driven resulting in reliability, smooth functionality and distribution mechanism. Our sustainable quality and distribution structure of consumer goods and electronics is the reason of maintaining a healthy work environment with our investors, employees, stake holders and clients.


With the mission to smoothen transportation and communication, K.S. Trading Co. has responsibly put an excellent infrastructure network in place through investment in state-of-the-art technology to develop solutions which enable reduction of transportation costs and saves time. We handle the international shipping of commodities for both national and international clients which include import & export documentation, hiring of commercial vessels, etc. With that, Indent handling facility is also available for our clients. Our help desk handles all sorts of documentation regarding international trading transaction from our office branches in Kolkata, Raiganj, Haldia and Bhubaneswar.

Unwavering by the initial hiccups, K.S. Trading Co. endeavours to increase customers’ reachability by providing optimum quality integrated minerals import-export trading services with utmost efficiency and aptness. We commit to create a long-term productive and satisfied environment with our customers based on cooperation, communication and mutual trust. With the vision to set a new definition of standard and become a landmark in the mining industry by making premium quality mineral, chemicals, metals and fertilizers, K.S. Trading Co. strives to create a constructive work environment to sustainability, competence and productivity.

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